Spread Your Wings and Try

A story about believing in yourself and facing your fears.

Robbie and Josh Robin both wanted to fly –

until Josh saw what happened to Robbie…

Although deep down he was afraid of falling and wondered if he would ever be successful, Robbie Robin wanted to fly.

So determined was he to fly that every day, after his morning worm, Robbie took a deep breath, flapped his wings, and stepped over the edge of the nest. Each time, Robbie Robin ended up in the bushes below.

Each morning, Josh Robin, Robbie’s friend, watched Robbie bungle his daily attempt. Even though Josh also dreamed of flying, he thought Robbie was silly for trying when he knew that he would fail. Josh decided he was not going to try to fly.

After all, why make a fool of yourself when you can just wait until you’re old enough to fly? Then you’ll fly perfectly without hurting yourself, Josh thought as he settled in to watch Robbie’s daily mishap.

“Hey, Josh, come over so we can practice flying,” chirped Robbie.

“No way, that’s stupid,” answered Josh Robin as he drummed the limb with his beak.

“Aw, c’mon, it’ll be fun,” Robbie said moving spritely to the edge of his nest. Without hesitation, Robbie Robin dove out of the nest with great

conviction. His wings flapped fervently, but instead of going up, Robbie tumbled towards the ground rapidly. He landed awkwardly, coming to rest on a pile of maple leaves.

Josh Robin scoffed, “Ha, ha, ha. That was terrible!”

Robbie Robin slowly rolled to his feet, flapping dust from his wings while energetically shaking his head. Smiling gleefully, he looked up at Josh and chirped, “Was that great or what? I can almost fly! Mom, come down and get me. I want to try again. And this time, I’m going to soar high in the sky!”

And he did!

Moral: Although you may fear failure, believe in yourself, and you, too, can soar like an eagle.

Spread Your Wings and Try Reflection

Robbie and Josh wanted to fly and they both felt fear from knowing what could happen to them if they failed. However, Robbie and Josh approached their fear differently.

Josh’s fear overtook him. He avoided learning how to fly, putting it off until he was older.

But Robbie refused to let his fear prevent him from flying. He believed in himself even though he’d never flown. Robbie kept trying with a focused intention to succeed.

Just like Robbie and Josh, you may face situations with uncertainty.

You might feel fear about whether you can succeed.

How do you respond to that fear? Do you spread your wings and try?

If you don’t succeed, do you keep at it like Robbie?

If you respond like Josh, you allow your fear to prevent you from trying new things. You avoid making an effort because of your fear of failure.

Ask yourself, “What’s the worst that could happen if I tried?”

The reality is the more you try, the more you learn. Eventually, you’ll succeed!

Success will come, but only through your continued efforts.

To achieve success in life, feel your fears and trudge through them. The act of trying can be a triumph in and of itself. Overcome your fear of failure, put forth your best efforts, and you’ll get the best results!

Just spread your wings and try!

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I allow fear to overcome me and prevent me from following through with trying something new?
  2. What are some things I want to do that I’m avoiding because I’m afraid to fail?
  3. What is the worst that could happen if I tried these things?
  4. How can I give myself credit and recognition for making an effort in the face of my fears?

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