Path-to-Life is an emotional, mental and spiritual(Christian) well-being consultancy that gleans from a variety of proven methods to help others deal with life difficulties:

*Counselling - trained as an Integrative therapist so skilled in a variety of psychological schools:  psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioural (CBT), person-centred, creative therapeutic techniques. (MBACP & ACC) 

*Christian Inner Healing Ministry 

*Life Coaching - Recovery Coaching, Life Purpose Coaching, Spirit Powered Life Coaching 

An Integrative Apprach to Wholeness

Through years of working with people you realise there is no one size fits all approach to fullness of life and we believe strongly in a person-centred approach, helping others find their unique path-to-life in their unique circumstances.

A big part of the work we do is unravelling the disfunctional identity that this broken world has given the person in front of us, through exploration we look for hurts, unmet emotional needs, negative beliefs & thoughts about self, insecurities & fears that may have led to anxiety, loss through grief, through longings unfulfilled that make your heart sick, that can lead to depression, dis-illusioned with life…
Learning to heal and make peace with the past, find yourself, your real self, your new self (if you’ve just come through major life transitions like becoming a parent, losing a loved one, mid-life) and set that person free!
Yes…we’ve alot to learn together!
But the journey…SO WORTH IT!

Every journey they say begins with a single step!

We hope you find courage to pursue your more

-For the Glory of God –



Self-Directed Coaching Programs

Explore Who you are, Where You Are and Where You're going from the comfort of your own home

Upcoming Events

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