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When you sow into someone's life you make a difference. When you give of your time and energy for someone you are sowing hope and joy into their soul. This time last year I was ready to quit. I had come to the place where I had no choice but to face things I had buried. I had a wonderful woman who sowed truth into my life and I went into recovery. That is when I came here to this course [Peaced Together]. I have looked forward to it each week even if my crafting is rubbish. But walking alongside others who also struggle has been a source of comfort. You are a true gem. I have been blessed to have known you. Continue to sow for sowing will reap a harvest. xxx

I struggle with anxiety and stress and found coming to Claire's art course [Peaced Together] so therapeutic. It was such a lovely way to unwind. Claire is so enthusiastic,, encouraging and real. I am very sorry to see this course coming to an end but feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to be a part of it.

Your message comes so gentle and encouraging, God has blessed you and it shows in everything you do and say.

You are a real inspiration and do a fantastic job

Helpful, loved, valued are a few words I would use to describe how I felt after having taken part in Claire's craft course [Peaced Together]. The support brought me to a place of understanding, healing, acceptance and growth in self-esteem.

The kind, understanding and professional approach encouraged positive growth

The help, encouragement, teaching, coaching that I have received from Claire has been a life saver for me. I met her at the beginning of a complete life breakdown and she has gently listenened, encouraged me week after week, in person, via messages, helping me to understand myself and the things that are negatively impacting my health. I continue to grow, realising my identity in Christ and finding the plans and purposes that God has for my life.

The enthusiasm, warmth and interaction with people has had such a positive influence in the group [women's Spirit & Soul weekly growth group] environment. Trust, openness and empathy has helped build confidence, belonging and purpose. Hearing and understanding certain aspects about God, faith and spiritual teaching that may not be covered or explained in other church settings, has been beneficial in finding peace and joy and changing unhelpful thought patterns and beliefs.

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